Knee Clinic

Knee Clinic

How does Sports Massage Therapy help Knee Pain?

This is a question asked frequently by clients during their initial assessment, and we know that it’s something that many people wonder about. If you’re suffering from knee pain, it can have a big impact on your life, but can sports massage help knee pain? For some people, knee pain stops them from their favourite hobbies, like gardening, golf, weekend walks, or cycling. For some people, it’s just a constant ache that you have to put up with in your daily life when shopping at the supermarket, driving on the school run, or keeping on top of the housework; knee pain can leave you reaching for painkillers and worrying about the possibility of surgery. Knee pain can leave you feeling frustrated and isolated.

Knee Clinic

Whatever your situation, our team understands how debilitating knee pain can be and how you are desperate for a solution.
Sports massage can help knee pain by increasing blood flow to the area, improving circulation, reducing swelling and easing pain and stiffness. Sports massage can also help improve the tone and flexibility of the muscles that support and provide stability to the affected knee. If you have good knees now (whether they have been injured previously or not), then we want them to stay that way – happy knees are active knees, and there are things we can do to keep your knees smiling for years to come.

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